Meet the 11-year-old CEO trying to teach 1 billion kids to code

What were you doing at 11 years old? Going to school? Playing with friends? Samaira Mehta does that too — but she’s also is the CEO of her own company.

Samaira is the creator of CoderBunnyz, board games to help teach kids how to code. The company has sold about 15,000 games, which retail on Amazon for about $35-$40, and has revenues of a little over $600,000 — not bad for a middle schooler.

A family affair

Samaira’s father Rakesh sparked her love for all things coding and tech when she was just 6, using a simple computer prank.

CoderBunnyz CEO Samaira Mehta — CoderBunnyz

CoderBunnyz CEO Samaira Mehta — CoderBunnyz (more…)

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