8 Free Online Coding Games For Your Future Coder

8 Free Online Coding Games For Your Future Coder

If you want to get a head start on teaching your child coding, the great news is that you can do so for free.


It used to be that parents had aspirations for their kids to be doctors and lawyers when they got older. Since the late 1990s and early 2,000s when tech companies started to pop up to now where you can see companies with a simple idea revolutionize the world, parents have new goals for their children. It would be great if their kids grew up one day to create one of these game-changing ideas and in order to do that, getting them on track with coding is the right way to go.

Even if you don’t have plans for your child to take over the world with their own idea for an app or website, a career in coding will make it so that they are highly employable since every app or website not only requires coding to launch it but constant coders to maintain these programs.

Most kids aren’t exposed to coding until college, with a few exceptional high schools getting ahead of the curve and teaching kids valuable coding schools. If you want to get a head start on teaching your child coding, the great news is that you can do so for free. Most of these programs are probably a little too advanced for pre-schoolers so you’ll want to wait until your kid is at least elementary school age to start them on their coding journey.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a wealth of resources for all parents and kids. This educational resource is a dream come true for parents who homeschool or for kids who need help outside of the classroom. Lesson plans are available for kids as young as pre-school age all the way through high school. What you may not know is that this completely free educational platform also has a tool that will teach your kid how to code and create their own custom made programs.

2. Blockly

Puzzles are an amazing way for kids to learn many things so why not coding? Using Blockly, kids learn to code by solving the puzzles in front of them. The puzzle is self-correcting in a way because it shows them how they are progressing in solving their puzzle along the way.

3. CodinGame

CodinGame is pretty much described by its name. It teaches kids various coding languages while they play games. Codein Game also offers some flexibility in the type of game your child can engage in to learn. The platform features fun activities like puzzles and interactive play to help them learn up to 25 coding languages.

4. Scratch

Scratch is created to be an online community that teaches kids to learn how to program. This website is on the more complex range of abilities it will give your child and is limitless in where it can take your child using some simple coding skills and their imagination.

5. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds asks your budding coder to help out one of three characters achieve their goals. The more your child plays, the harder the challenges become, and the more their coding skills.

6. Code Monster

Javascript is a popular programming language and the one to start learning to code. This simple platform features two boxes, one for your kid to code in and one that shows them the results of what they entered. There’s also a friendly monster that acts as a guide for them if they need help or get stuck.

7. Tynker

Tynker offers your child variety and they can choose between coding apps, games, websites, or for the ambitious child, all of them! The lessons and tutorials are easy and kids learning to code can move as fast or as slow as they want. Tynker is free to use but only certain content is free. If your child discovers a real love for coding and wants to expand their learning, parents can opt into a subscription that will allow them to do so. Tynker is offering free access to coding programs as long as schools are closed.

8. Codewars

Codewars are perfect for when your child is ready to test their coding skills against those of others. This means that it’s probably not going to be the best tool for a beginner but rather a more advanced aged coder. Using Code Wars, kids can enter coding competitions and challenge other coders online in almost any coding language.

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