How to incorporate positive screen time into your child’s routine

How to incorporate positive screen time into your child’s routine

Children are growing up fluent in the language of technology, with screens becoming a part of their daily lives.

While there has recently been a lot of focus on the downside of children spending more time on devices, it’s important not to lose track of all the positive ways parents can leverage technology to enrich their children’s lives rather than detract from it.

Since devices aren’t going away anytime soon, let’s focus on how parents can incorporate positive screen time habits into their child’s routine.

The benefits of positive screen time

Screen time doesn’t have to mean mindless TV or random YouTube videos. There are plenty of ways in which your children can enjoy screen time in a positive way and benefit from all that modern technology has to offer. From educational games to online science tutorials, and video conferencing with family, there are many ways to foster positive screen time habits.

How screen time can benefit your child:

  • Enhances educational experience – When your child connects with age appropriate, interactive and engaging learning apps, and educational technology, learning becomes both fun and accessible.
  • Prepares children for future learning – With devices being used in school for educational purposes, it’s beneficial for your child to be digitally literate from a young age.
  • Encourages critical thinking/problem solving skills – From taking an online quiz to solving a virtual puzzle, kids can test out their critical thinking and problem‑solving skills in real‑time.
  • Encourages creativity – Your child can shoot and edit videos, draw pictures, and even write code.
  • Builds communication skills – Kids can converse with friends and relatives through messaging apps and video calls.

From encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills to providing educational content and building communication skills, screen time is a great opportunity to provide an enriching experience for your child.

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