Kids Coding Resources

Code Anywhere

CoderDojo LA Curriculum

Scratch Drumkit Exercise – CoderDojo LA at Google 6/8/13

Game Development

GameMaker – software to make games – GameMaker Lite is free

GameSalad – can produce iPhone, web browser-based content in HTML 5, and Android applications.

GameSalad Getting Started Cookbook

Make Your Own Game Using Javascript

Overview of GameSalad Basics (video)

Unity 3D (has downloadable free version)

Welcome to GameSalad tutorial video


36 Free Kids’ Programming Resources

CoderDojo Tutorial List

Curriculum from 6/23 CoderDojo LA at Google 

Khan Academy – Computer Science – beginner, visual, fun!

Khan Academy – Computer Science – advanced

LEGO Mindstorms

Light-Bot – game that teaches kids basic programming concepts

Popcorn (from Mozilla, lets kids integrate video and code

Young Programmers’ Podcast – video podcast for computer programmers in grades 3 and up. Learn about Scratch, Alice, Python, Pygame, etc.

Inspiring Videos – Learn to Code – What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Mobile App Development

Android – A Beginner’s Guide – basic Android app programming

AppCoda – basic iPhone and iPad app programming

ARIS – user-friendly, open source platform for creating and playing mobile games, tours, and interactive stories
MIT App Inventor

PhoneGap – create an app using HTML and Javascript

Stanford Fall 2011 iPhone and iPad Development Course

Programming Tutorials

Code Avengers – Learn Javascript

Hackety Hack (Ruby)

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist – Learning With Python

Javascript Tutorial –

jQuery Tutorial –

Learn to Program Ruby

Teaching Kids Programming – SmallBasic

Visual Programming Languages

Alice – educational software that teaches kid programming in a 3D environment

Blockly – a visual programming language from Google – can you get through the maze?

Blockly – understand the if/then block and get some sample exercises


Learn Scratch



Web Development

Arcade-Like Games That Teach Webmaker Basics

Codecademy – learn basic web development, CSS, Javascript

CSS Tutorial –

Mozilla Developer Network – Web Developer Documents

Mozilla – Learn HTML Fast

Twitter Bootstrap

W3 Schools

W3 Schools Color Names

Web Development/Programming Tools & Editors

JSBin HTML/Javascript Editor – an HTML editor you can use in your browser and see instant results

JSFiddle HTML Editor – an HTML editor you can use in your browser and see instant results

Mozilla Thimble

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